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The Batman Files Cbr Bull __FULL__

William "Bill" Taurens was born in Camden, New Jersey. He was hired by Mister Kline to round up people to test an experimental serum (taken from bulls) made out of mutated enzymes by his agent the Professor. Although assisted by Itch and Freak Face, his attempts were thwarted by Daredevil. As a result, he ended up being a guinea pig for the serum which turned him into a humanoid bull. Becoming the Man-Bull, he fought Daredevil, who defeated the Man-Bull by throwing him into a wall. Man-Bull reverted to Taurens and was arrested by the police.[2] When Itch snuck in the Man-Bull serum into Taurens' prison cell which permanently transformed him, Man-Bull attempted to take his revenge on Daredevil and the two have clashed on several occasions.[3] He also clashed with the Cat in a bar fight.[4] Man-Bull was later recruited by the Melter and Whiplash to join the Black Lama's Death Squad, where they ran afoul of Iron Man at a comic book convention.[5]

The Batman Files Cbr Bull

Man-Bull possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and speed, as well as resistance to injury. He has a pair of long, dense horns that are useful for fighting battles. Unfortunately, the mutant side effects have degraded Taurens' mind, from hostile normal to feral vengeance. When occupied, his body's adrenaline feedback during combat can elevate him into a hysterical, all-consuming rage, which makes Man-Bull extra dangerous.[27] [28] Taurens is able to mentally command bulls and other bovine animals through psionic activity, even in unstable form.

The swamp environment proved less than ideal. The Swamp Thing, distracted by his ascension through a series of elemental parliaments, had little patience for his new guest, physically strking Croc to teach him "his place ... in the pecking order of the swamp" . It was one more bully in a life that had seen too many and Waylon Jones left the Swamp Thing to catch the next train out of Houma, enjoying a prize bull for a meal en route to Gotham (Batman Chronicles #3).

Part of Croc's docile behavior was due to the regular supply of sedatives prescribed to him at Arkham. With the asylum in disarray following the Gotham earthquake, the Joker quietly slipped into the computerized records files and began changing the prescriptions. Suddenly, Croc was receiving amphetamines six times a day . The geared-up Croc eventually killed fellow inmate Pinhead during a grudge match and escaped with the other criminals just as Gotham was declared a "No Man's Land" .

This is a wonderfully designed page, although the storytelling is, perhaps, a little less clear than it might be in that last panel. Going by the first panel on the following page, however, we can deduce that someone has fired a bullet which has shattered the gramophone record, while leaving Batman unharmed:

Laura: I mean, maybe he did? How would we know? He fired an incredible number of bullets at a large crowd of people in a small metal room. Then the train explodes, and for one panel Batman basically says that he died, which would kind of be a fantastic new twist to the story -- if he were actually telling it from beyond the grave, including the story of the first plot thread where he's telling the story of the other two plot threads where he's telling stories.

Laura: Is the entire series a metaphorical representation of what it's like to be shot? Because so far it is basically an anthology of disconnected stories about Batman getting riddled with bullets.

Regardless, after we see Batman lying near death from the train wreck shooting, nude Bruce appears again and explains that incident at the train was actually a flashback he had in the plotline at the museum. Even more confusing, issue #3 opens with Alfred nursing Bruce as he tries to recover from a bullet wound, except that it's impossible to know which shooting it's from.

Laura: Again, it makes a lot more sense if you don't read any of the words, and just look at the pictures. Of Batman getting shot in the face. Except it turns out he actually has a bulletproof voice-activated clear facemask that drops down to protect him, so he doesn't really get shot. Then he jumps up and kicks their asses, while turning into the world's most awkward Sun Tzu. 350c69d7ab


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