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Need extra storage space? Our patented containers are the perfect solution. Preparing in advance for your move will help make it smoother and less time consuming. Dedicate some time to creating a solid plan of action. This will help to ensure that your move stays on track : while also relieving some of your stress. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your move. To , understand the cost of PODS moving and storage for a long-distance move, let’s consider a roughly 500-mile move from Charlotte, NC (28208) to Pittsburgh, PA (15212): * Many customers who have never moved across the country before are unsure about what to look for in long-distance moving companies. This is a significant decision that should not be made lightly. Sadly, there are disreputable companies out there, but customers can feel confident when choosing from the best interstate moving companies with a little information and our recommendations. The following are some key factors to review when selecting the right moving company.moving helpEnter the location or locations you will need help moving. Sometimes you need to move items from storage into your new living space, sometimes you don't have room for all of the items from your home, and you only want to bring some of them with you. , Sometimes you need to move furniture from one area of the house to another, or you need help rearranging office furniture.We , can help with any situation. We are also conscious of and prepared for any accomodations that you might need. Accomodations could include: Masks, Booties, Sanitizer, etc. When living in an apartment or college dorm, there are often rules and regulations you need to follow, such as where to park, moving times, and so on. We can save you the aggravation because we understand these regulations that must be followed during apartment and college moving. By hiring Garner Moving, the number one movers in Pittsburgh, our professional team will move your belongings safely and quickly into these smaller spaces.upack containersFor help with a long-distance moving quote, please call 1-800-722-5728 . When the containers are brought to your home, someone 18 years or older will need to sign for them. They will also oversee showing our drivers where to place the Cubes. If you’re unable to be , there, someone else can sign on your behalf, but please let us know beforehand. But it feels weird calling U-Pack a “moving container” company when the moving container doesn’t seem to be at the heart of its business. Either way you move it will work out! Good Luck and Happy Moving! Thankfully, there are more options than there used to be. Over the past two decades, the moving game has been changed by the emergence of moving containers: portable containers that get dropped off at your house, to be filled, then picked up and delivered to a storage center or your new home. It is a kind of consumer extension of the logic of containerization that remade commercial freight shipping — and with it, the entire global economy.


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