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How’d you like an anti blog?

I know this is not very “blogger like“ but I’d really rather hear from you! I do have a few treats to share - mostly for self care...then a few questions on what you’ve come to know over the last year or so.

Here’s a gift - if you find yourself in Walnut Creek, my go to chair massage and colleague in well-being, Indy and I have made a trade for good health. That means free chair massage session to you, as someone in this mindfulness and yoga community. Just let me know that you’re interested and I’ll send you his contact information so you can set a time for self care (I’ve been calling it repair in a chair)...

Also, I’ve added a mindful chair movement class on Thursdays at 12p Pacific Time. Come check it out if you like. Finally, the next MBSR course starts with a free orientation May 16th

Now a question - what have you discovered in this past year? Any tricks to deliver a bit of ease? They can be super simple. I’ll start:

1) lip balm. All kinds. the car, at the desk, at the teaching/zoom spot. In the walk bag! They’re cheap and I’m worth it. Wait - you know, I mean - I’m worth quality lip balm too.

2)The good healthy deodorant spray means I don’t get pit flakes all over my clothes. Easy! 3)Taking the time to express myself with the clarity I’ve cultivated through mindfulness practices feel so healthy. It‘s something I still work on because for some reason I often put time limits on myself, especially in groups but this - whoa! Feels like self care plus!

Thats what I’ve got - how about you? What tips would you like to share to this well-being crew?

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Lori Lindgren
Lori Lindgren


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