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Subtitle Exhibition On Screen Michelangelo Love...

The exhibition's subtitle, "Through the Looking Glass," translates into Chinese as "Moon in the Water," a phrase that alludes to Buddhism. Like "Flower in the Mirror," it suggests something that cannot be grasped, and has both positive and negative connotations. When used to describe a beautiful object, "moon in the water" can refer to a quality of perfection that is either so elusive and mysterious that the item becomes transcendent or so illusory and deceptive that it becomes untrustworthy. The metaphor often expresses romantic longing, as the eleventh-century poet Huang Tingjian wrote: "Like picking a blossom in a mirror/Or grabbing at the moon in water/I stare at you but cannot get near you." It also conveys unrequited love, as in the song "Hope Betrayed" in Cao Xueqin's mid-eighteenth-century novel Dream of the Red Chamber: "In vain were all her sighs and tears/In vain were all his anxious fears:/As moonlight mirrored in the water/Or flowers reflected in a glass."

subtitle Exhibition On Screen Michelangelo Love...

1) Jackass 4 was the best film of the year. I need to go see EO sometime this week, so maybe this will all change, but best is hardly the word I would think to use for anything I caught in theaters. That said, Nope wins for being the most unexpectedly boring film. White Noise wins for being the film I least want to see in a theater, on a plane, in a hotel room, or in my life. 2) The best movie of this year, and possibly any other, was William Klein's The Little Richard Story at Anthology. After a botched first screening that ended with a cancelled show, the only English-language subtitled 16mm print was rescheduled in the Deren theater where it stunned the packed audience and, many say, melted the screen. Made for German television, this underseen gem deserves the full Film Foundation restoration treatment. Whoever actually owns the rights needs to be cajoled into doing something about it. I deeply hope that Jake Perlin or some other intrepid Lover of Cinema will take this film on as a cause. A wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bom. 041b061a72


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