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Pack Musica Vallenato 2013 14 NEW!

The road to music begins very early. Children learn to listen to music; they play with musical instruments and learn the melodies they hear on the radio or on television. They learn about sounds and instruments. This is when children know the sounds and instruments, so they can use them later in life, for example, for schoolwork, or as they are interested in working as a musician. In an ideal world, students and young musicians would learn to play an instrument within a school framework. However, that is not always the case. Some children have to spend a lot of time practicing the instrument as they progress in the time- and energy-consuming process of acquiring the musical knowledge.

Pack Musica Vallenato 2013 14

You cant just take a music production course at the university. This is mostly what you would take, but youd probably take it afterwards at a studio, for example, to produce your own album or musical composition. It would not be possible to get a really high-end production, unless you were in the business of the music and would already have the money to invest in a company or a studio for producing music.

Vallenato Productions is an umbrella organization for many performers that are supporting the special project of promoting vallenato throughout Colombia. We believe that the promotion of vallenato involves, above all, creating a cultural identity, based on its rich and centuries-old artistic traditions. The musical mestizaje is the expression of the cultural identity of our nation, its polyhedric nature, its music and folklore, its musical traditions, folk culture, painting, etc.


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