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once a woman has had a child, if she does not marry someone who is otherwise financially stable she will find herself in the all-too-common situation of being raised by the state. and that is, in my opinion, where the legal-rationing aspect comes in. the prospect of a state-subsidized and/or state-guaranteed future is something that a lot of women make a rational decision not to accept. and as such, a lot of them take a rather long time (as do i) to find a man who can take them on as an adult.

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one of the difficulties i found with the legal-rationing discussion, and one thing that i didnt really feel like saying, was that its really easy to demonize a poor person -- even a single mother, who probably has had little control over a lot of things anyway. and thus that demonization is probably just an excuse for the blame-the-victim attitude. what you can do is create a lot of excuses, and take as many of them as you think necessary to make people feel justified in blaming the victim. and that these days, progressives are probably the victims, the poor are the victims, and it is not as fun and easy to blame the victims as it used to be. so im not sure that most people really really do this consciously. i think its mostly unconscious, as automatic, and its got to the point that its a habit we just dont stop. its even a kind of weltanschauung thing. you can see how people come to be called racists with a certain kind of mindset, and its impossible to change the way you think, so you just give in to it.

but it reminds me of something ive noticed in the work of my friends, which is that some political commentators are able to predict things that are not becoming popular with a certain mind-set. perhaps this is because they have identified certain kinds of mental traits and shortcomings (or perhaps even perhaps this is just their attempt to sell books), and so they somehow pick up on those things. anyway, i think its true, though i have a hard time thinking of any examples. (i am not sure, for example, if i could identify such examples in some of my friends). and i think its probably true of pundits and others, too.


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