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Guide To Play Draw No Bet in Football

Draw No Bet (DNB) is a familiar term to many bettors in the gambling world. With this type of bet, players will get their money back, which always brings a sense of excitement. Therefore, seeking information about draw bets is always of interest and worth the time. Specifically, you need to grasp the definition, how to play, and some experiences through the following betting tips sure with Wintips.

What is Draw No Bet?

Draw No Bet (DNB) is also known as the bet where you get your stake back. This type of bet is commonly used in many reputable bookmakers in the market, following the European style. By playing DNB bets, players can minimize the risks they might face. However, you still have to choose among the three outcomes: win, draw, or lose, just like usual.

This requires players to conduct thorough research and analysis for each betting match. You shouldn't just put your trust in the winning team; you need to think carefully and put your money on the losing team as well. However, when the match ends in a draw, by placing a Draw No Bet, you will get back your initial stake.

In this way, you won't lose your capital in this case. If your team wins, it means the player has earned their reward. Therefore, DNB bets are considered a safe choice for many players to participate in.

Detailed Guide on How to Play Draw No Bet

According to many opinions, Draw No Bet and Asian Handicap bets have similar betting methods. Therefore, players can choose to bet on two specific options as follows:

Home team wins.

Away team wins.

For example, in the showdown between two giants, Liverpool and Manchester United. In this case, if a player bets on The Kop to win, the following scenarios may occur:

Liverpool wins the bet, and the player receives the full reward.

Liverpool loses the bet, and the player loses the entire reward.

Liverpool and Manchester United draw, and the bookmaker refunds the bet to the player.

Details on Calculating Draw No Bet Winnings

Players won't need much time to learn how to calculate the winnings for draw bets. This type of bet has a relatively simple calculation method and always ensures transparency for you. Players can refer to the specific application method right here:

In the Everton vs. Newcastle match, a player bets on Everton for 700,000 VND.

Everton wins: You win the bet, receiving 650,000 VND x 2.6 = 1,690,000 VND.

Newcastle wins: The player loses the entire bet.

The two teams draw: The bookmaker refunds the bet to the player.

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Some Handy Tips When Playing Draw No Bet

When participating in Draw No Bet betting, it's essential for players to explore and remember some useful tips:

1. Analyze Data Regarding the Teams' Situations

It can be said that pre-match information requires players to conduct research and analysis. This data will contribute to understanding the upcoming match's situation. This includes aspects such as recent form of both teams, injury statuses, goal differences, tactical formations, and more. Many indicators will help you synthesize and analyze more accurately.

2. Analyze the Teams' Levels

Players can consider the past head-to-head history and current class of the two teams. If there's a significant gap between the two teams, you can make a suitable betting choice. Therefore, Draw No Bet offers a great deal of safety for participating members.

For example, if you notice that Team A is strong but has been experiencing internal issues recently, there's a high chance that Team B will have a significant advantage in winning. However, you can combine Draw No Bet or Asian handicap betting to ensure even more safety.

3. Analyze Information About Bookmakers' Odds

Usually, bookmakers provide information about the odds of matches. Those who visit reputable bookmakers will quickly receive accurate and comprehensive information. Every day, the team of experts regularly updates to provide players with essential data.

4. Apply Flexibly to Various Types of Bets

It can be said that during the betting process, there are many different types of bets for you to choose from. Among them, players need to flexibly apply information about other types of bets such as corner kicks, Asian handicap, over/under, correct score, HT/FT, etc.


The content above from Wintips has helped you understand soccer tips app more about Draw No Bet betting nowadays. This is a type of bet that many players use when participating in football betting. Therefore, it can be seen that this type of bet is easy to play and comes with great winning opportunities. Players should carefully research information about this type of bet to apply it more effectively.


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