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Help For College Essay Papier Domicile Cais

If you have any questions or concerns about the UC application, we encourage you to speak with a UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions advisor at 530-752-2971 or one of our regional advisors or your community college Transfer Opportunity Program (TOP) coordinator. They can explain your options, help you get to the next step and point you to campus resources where you can learn more about:

Help For College Essay papier domicile cais

To successfully complete your program and earn your degree, you will need to understand how the U.S. higher education system operates at your CUNY college. CUNY colleges employ a credit-bearing, semester-based system, with specific program and degree requirements. It is also important for you to know the grading system, course registration procedures, and academic calendar at your college. An academic advisor at your college will help you to understand this system. You can also become familiar with it via the glossary on this website and the information found on the individual college websites.

Though they may have slightly different names, all CUNY colleges have offices dedicated to providing student services. These offices are a great support in helping you to enroll in and complete your program of interest. They are instrumental in helping students to understand their degree requirements, select courses, maintain good grades, and adjust to student life in the U.S. The following are some of the offices, services, and activities that will be beneficial to you.

There is an Admissions Office at every CUNY college. Staff in this office will help you understand the admissions procedures for degrees, certificates, and special programs offered at individual institutions. You can also access the undergraduate admissions and graduate studies pages here.

Each college has an office or center for academic advisement. The staff in this office help students make important decisions regarding their academic program requirements and educational goals. Upon enrollment, graduate students are assigned an academic advisor in their particular field to guide them through their course and degree requirements.

Your college provides special services, such as writing centers, to help improve your skills. There are many services available for CUNY students, including international student services, health, and counseling services, writing instruction, career planning, childcare, disability services, student activities, and athletics.

Student OrientationIt is important that you participate in all new-student orientation programs offered by your college. The International Student Advisor will provide you with specific orientation information pertinent to you. Orientations are held at the start of each semester, and offer valuable information that will help you understand the requirements for maintaining your F or J status. They also provide you with student life information that will help you adjust to your new environment and learn more about your academic requirements.

J-1 Responsible Officers (ROs) oversee the J-1 visiting scholars programs at the various CUNY colleges to ensure University and participant compliance with federal regulations. The ROs assist the academic departments in hosting the scholar and help the scholar and their dependents obtain and maintain J-1 Visa and Immigration Status. They also guide both, scholars and the department of employment and mandatory J-1 medical insurance requirements.


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