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[PC] Virtually Jenna

The neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and neurologists at Baylor Scott & White Health diagnose and treat virtually every kind of neurological disorder and injury. From brain tumors, strokes and aneurysms to head trauma and spinal cord injuries, these experienced physicians on the medical staff have the expertise and technology to improve a patient's quality of life.

[PC] Virtually Jenna

Their great ideas, taste and designs continue to make them the leaders in the industry, and they are true artisans in the baking world. Jenna Rae Cakes is an innovator when it comes to custom cakes, but the creative minds behind these cakes are even more clever than they are talented. It starts with a specific idea and a vision, and the amazing artisans that make the cake happen. Once the cake is ready, it is the responsibility of the talented team to ensure it is perfect. Being creative and producing delicious creations is the only way to survive in the current market, and that, in itself, is an art.

This article was originally published on This article was originally published on Graphic After spending almost a year cranking out content for social media, Jenna Rae Cakes returns with her first, and most anticipated, online video. In this video, Jenna talks about her journey from being an independent baker to having her first job as Creative Director for a local wedding magazine. She explains how the wedding industry forced her to pivot from being a small business owner to an entrepreneur, and why her current designs are an evolution of her experience in this industry. We chatted about the visual trends that inspired Jenna, and the creative process behind her marzipan macarons. Jenna also shares some of her tips on making your own desserts. Watch the video to hear the story behind how Jenna came to love baking, and be inspired to make your own!


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