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What You Need to Know Before Watching Har Raat Naya Saudagar

Har Raat Naya Saudagar: A Review of the Most Controversial Hindi Movie Ever

Har Raat Naya Saudagar is a 2005 Hindi movie that has been dubbed as the most controversial and scandalous film in the history of Indian cinema. The movie, directed by Irfan and starring Dimple Sevak, Pooja Shetty, Anil Nagrath and Ali Khan, revolves around a village where a mysterious man arrives every night and seduces a different woman. The movie is full of explicit scenes and dialogues that have shocked and outraged the viewers and critics alike.

Hindi Movie Har Raat Naya Saudagar

What is the plot of Har Raat Naya Saudagar?

The movie begins with a young couple who elope from their village and seek shelter in a nearby forest. However, they are attacked by a group of bandits who rape the girl and kill the boy. The girl manages to escape and reaches another village where she meets a kind-hearted woman who offers her a place to stay. The woman tells her that the village has a strange tradition where every night, a man named Saudagar comes and chooses a woman to spend the night with him. The woman says that Saudagar is a godsend who fulfills the desires of the women and blesses them with wealth and happiness.

The girl is curious about Saudagar and decides to sneak out one night to see him. She follows him to his hut where she witnesses him having sex with another woman. She is shocked and disgusted by what she sees and runs away. However, Saudagar notices her and becomes obsessed with her. He starts sending her gifts and messages, asking her to be his next partner. The girl refuses and tries to avoid him, but he does not give up. He even threatens to expose her past to the villagers if she does not comply.

The girl is torn between her fear of Saudagar and her attraction towards him. She also learns that Saudagar has a dark secret that he hides from everyone. What is Saudagar's real identity? Why does he come to the village every night? What will happen to the girl if she agrees or rejects him? These are some of the questions that the movie tries to answer in a twisted and shocking way.

What are the controversies surrounding Har Raat Naya Saudagar?

Har Raat Naya Saudagar has been criticized for its vulgar and obscene content that exploits women and degrades Indian culture. The movie has been banned in many states and faced legal troubles for violating the censorship laws. The movie has also been accused of plagiarism as it is allegedly based on a Bengali novel by Sunil Gangopadhyay called Sei Somoy (Those Days). The movie has also faced backlash from various religious groups who have condemned it for hurting their sentiments and beliefs.

What are the reviews of Har Raat Naya Saudagar?

Har Raat Naya Saudagar has received mostly negative reviews from the critics and audiences who have slammed it for its poor script, direction, acting and production values. The movie has been called a cheap and sleazy attempt to cash in on the curiosity of the viewers who are looking for some titillation. The movie has also been criticized for its lack of logic, coherence and originality. The movie has been rated as one of the worst movies ever made in Bollywood.

What are the positive aspects of Har Raat Naya Saudagar?

Despite its flaws and controversies, Har Raat Naya Saudagar does have some positive aspects that cannot be ignored. The movie tries to explore the themes of sexuality, desire, power and morality in a bold and unconventional way. The movie also challenges the stereotypes and norms of the society that oppress and exploit women. The movie also showcases some scenic locations and beautiful costumes that add to the visual appeal of the film.

Who are the actors and crew of Har Raat Naya Saudagar?

Har Raat Naya Saudagar features some unknown and new actors who have tried their best to deliver their roles. Dimple Sevak plays the role of the innocent and naive girl who falls prey to Saudagar's charms. Pooja Shetty plays the role of the kind-hearted woman who helps the girl and becomes her friend. Anil Nagrath plays the role of Saudagar, the mysterious and mysterious man who seduces the women of the village. Ali Khan plays the role of a journalist who investigates Saudagar's story and uncovers his secret.

The movie is directed by Irfan, who has also written the screenplay and dialogues. The movie is produced by Kanti Shah, who is known for making low-budget and erotic movies. The music of the movie is composed by Sawan Kumar Sawan, who has given some catchy and melodious songs. The cinematography of the movie is done by Rajesh Singh, who has captured some stunning shots of the village and the forest.

How can one watch Har Raat Naya Saudagar?

Har Raat Naya Saudagar is not available on any of the popular streaming platforms or TV channels due to its controversial nature. The movie can only be watched online on some obscure and shady websites that host pirated and illegal content. However, watching the movie on such websites is not recommended as it may expose the viewers to viruses, malware and other cyber threats. The movie can also be watched on DVD or VCD, but finding a copy of the movie may be difficult as it is not widely distributed or sold.