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Our labs are provided as an educational resource to further enhance student learning and as a reference material for on-the-task assessment activities in future. We teach you how to hack into computers so you can better defend against and understand the methodologies used by hackers to breach systems.

Trainer Hack Free.rar

Hacker House are absolutely amazing, I completed the Hands-on-Hacking course run by Matthew and it was absolutely fantastic! Matthew was such an amazing, patient instructor and I learnt absolutely tonnes from it. Coming from a Cyber Security degree this course boosted my learning and motivation within the industry leaving me hungry for more! 10/10 for the Hands-on-Hacking course, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get an insight into practical ethical hacking a penetration testing skills, when I left this course it left me with a new found confidence with my technical skills as well as an urge to continue my learning as much as I can! Thank you guys!

A captivating combination of the theory and practice of ethical hacking, the Hands on Hacking workshop, immersed students in the tools of cybercriminals as well as the weapons designed by the cybersecurity state such as the NSA and CIA. In a legal, safe, and sandboxed environment we were instructed in how to use the full range of powerful technologies in the hackers toolbox, from open source intelligence to the deployment of payloads to the take over of root servers. Students learn the skills needed to become proficient in offensive cyber-security. The instructor Matthew Hickey is extremely knowledgeable with a wide-expertise in the field of penetration testing. Despite his potentially intimidating knowledge he is warm and approachable. He is keen that students complete modules but also understand the underlying mechanics. Hang on, its going to go fast!

I have been one of the fortunate people that have had the privilege to attend one of the amazing courses from Hacker House. Coming from a solution and development background I found the course fascinating. The course is run from an ethical hacker psych point which brings in a complete new view of all known security practices (!). The course is hands on and with the wonderful assistance of Mathew, Dragos and Jennifer (every step of the way) by the end of the course your technical comprehension will increase exponentially. I personally left the course with the knowledge that all the best practices I have employed over the years were not sufficient and any new solutions that I will build will take in consideration all the learning from this course. So if your interest is in penetration testing and/or security this course is a necessity if your interest is in development/networks than this course is an eye opening, either way I think this course is beneficial across industry and across technology and no matter what area of IT is your focus point you can learn a lot from it. So thank you again guys and really hope to see you soon!!!

Hacker House helped me to understand how hacking works. When I wanted to get into security, I tried learning on my own using YouTube, books and some online courses. But I struggled to find the time to focus and build a good cadence for learning. I also missed having someone to ask questions to. So I chose to do an on-site course and found Hacker House. The course was everything I had hoped for. The materials were relevant and offered a great foundation for understanding tooling, methodology and the mindset for pentesting. And the instructor, Mathew, was phenomenal. You could tell he'd been around the block having deep understanding of the tools & materials he was teaching. The course gave me the knowledge I needed to understand how hacking happens and how to position myself to continue learning new techniques. I highly recommend Hacker House for their quality and commitment to helping their students be successful.

With over 220 hands-on labs, conducted in our cyber range environment, you will have the opportunity to practice every learning objective in the course on live machines and vulnerable targets. Pre-loaded with over 3,500 hacking tools and a variety of operating systems, you will gain unprecedented exposure to and hands-on experience with the most common security tools, latest vulnerabilities, and widely used operating systems on the market. Our range is web accessible, allowing you to study and practice from anywhere with a connection.

  • CEH Practical is a 6-hour, rigorous exam that requires you to demonstrate the skills and abilities of ethical hacking techniques such as:Port scanning tools (e.g., Nmap, Hping)

  • Vulnerability detection

  • Attacks on a system (e.g., DoS, DDoS, session hijacking, webserver and web application attacks, SQL injection, wireless threats)

  • SQL injection methodology and evasion techniques

  • Web application security tools (e.g., Acunetix WVS)

  • SQL injection detection tools (e.g., IBM Security AppScan)

  • Communication protocols

This is the next step to becoming a CEH Master after you have achieved your CEH certification. Within CEH Practical, you have a limited amount of time to complete 20 challenges that test your skills and proficiency in a performance-based cyber range. This exam is NOT a simulation and incorporates a live corporate network of VMs and applications with solutions to uncover vulnerabilities.

Upon Completing the CEH (Master) program, which consists of CEH and CEH (Practical), the CEH (Master) designation is awarded. CEH Masters have shown proficiency at a master level in the knowledge, skills, and abilities of ethical hacking with a total 6 hours of testing to prove their competency. Top top 10 performers in both CEH and CEH Practical exams are showcased on the CEH Master Global Ethical Hacking Leaderboard.

The CEH program and CEH exam cover a variety of topics that center around the Tactics and Procedures required to be a tactical cybersecurity professional. Focusing on the entire kill-chain process, CEH covers a variety of topics from foot printing and reconnaissance, to scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and covering your tracks. This 5-phase ethical hacking process applies to a variety of scenarios including traditional on-premises networks, cloud, hybrid, IoT systems, and stretches across a variety of topologies and application environments. Students will learn a variety of tools and techniques across this evaluation process as well as how hackers will utilize the same TTPs to hack into organizations.

Getting certified is about validating your knowledge, CEH is trusted by employers across the globe as a baseline cyber security certification. Certified Ethical Hackers hold a variety of job titles and roles because the ethical hacking process is fundamental to many cyber security operations. While some organizations have Ethical Hackers in their job role framework, it often takes on other forms with specialization such as Network Defender, Penetration Tester, Secure Coder, Cloud Security Engineer, Security Architect, Auditor, and even opens doors into leadership roles.

CEH is a great place to start your career in Cyber Security, but you are required to have some requisite knowledge before getting into CEH. It\u2019s recommended you have a minimum of 2 Years IT Security experience before attempting the CEH. If you don\u2019t have the experience and you are just getting started on this path, we recommend taking our Free Cyber Security Essentials Series, find more here.Here you can learn the foundations required to pursue mid-level certifications like CND, CEH, or CHFI."}},EH do?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Certified Ethical Hackers are hired by organization\u2019s either on contract or as full-time employees to help improve the organizations security posture. C,EH worth pursuing?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"While this is very much a personal decision for most, holding a C,"@type":"Question","name":"Is C,"@type":"Question","name":"How much money does a certified ethical hacker make?","acceptedAnswer":EH has been ranked in the top 5 highest paid cybersecurity certifications for the last 10 years and continues to grow worldwide.","@type":"Question","name":"Is C,EH in demand?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Like the question above, is C,EH?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Knowledge, skills, opportunity, respect, proof\u2026 These are all words that circle the C,"@type":"Question","name":"After I get certified, does EC-Council help with job placement?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"While EC-Council is not a staffing agency or recruiter, we are tied with many employers seeking Certified Ethical Hackers. Our on-staff advisors are always available to work with you one-on-one to provide recommendations and guidance on how to find the best opportunity that matches your ambition. EC-Council employs nearly 1,000 full-time employees across the world, all dedicated to providing you with the best experience in training, certification, and skill development. Our committed advisors are only a phone call away and happy to talk to you about your career ambitions and help guide you in any way we can. We suggest filling out the form on this page to get connected with an advisor and we will be happy to reach out, or give us a call any time. We are here to help.","@type":"Question","name":"How much does the Certified Ethical Hacker (C]} ReviewsGet Certified "*" indicates required fields 041b061a72


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