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Tamil Dubbed Doctor, I Love You Torrent

Priya recovers and returns to the Kapoors'. Priya's friend, Juhi, has cared for Pihu, Myra and Pari. Juhi falls in love with Ram and tries to make him divorce Priya, getting Ram's sympathy for her daughter, Naina. Pihu falls in love with Samar, who has an affair with Priya's doctor, Suhani. Priya finds this and objects to Pihu's relationship. Pihu threatens to kill herself if she cannot marry Samar, so her parents acquiesce. Suhani is pregnant with Samar's child. She kills Samar after his marriage with Pihu. Ram is accused of Samar's murder and is arrested. Priya proves his innocence and Pihu reunites with her. Juhi works to separate Ram and Priya, but is exposed, arrested and Ram and Priya reunite.

tamil dubbed Doctor, I Love You torrent



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