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Rider By Sadie Rose

Behind any famous dressage rider there is an assistant trainer standing in the wings. They help with the daily riding and ensure the horses are being worked when the big name rider is out competing horses, teaching clinics, and making appearances for sponsors. They are an essential chain in the smooth runnings of a professional dressage yard but often get little exposure or credit for their labour.

Rider by Sadie Rose

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Our first in this new Eurodressage series is Sadie Smith, a 30-year old British rider who has worked her way up and is now the main assistant rider for Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin at Carl's yard in Newent, Great Britain.

Carl Hester uses Sadie as a demo rider at clinics (Photo Rose Lewis for Piaffe)"During my time here I have had the amazing opportunity to have training on horses such as Valegro and Uthopia," said SAdie. "This has given me the chance to feel the Grand Prix movements and help me train my own horse. I learn new things every day here, not only in riding. Head groom Alan Davis ensures the care and the management of the horses is second to none. And as a team we all help look after the horses which I really enjoy."

Few assistant trainers can afford a luxury lifestyle with the wages they made as a rider. There are only few riders out there who get the big bucks paid for their time. Many up and coming riders wonder how they can have a financially viable life as a professional rider.

This facility is truly world class. As a vendor that travels to some of the nicest horse facilities in the USA, this place is unequaled. WEC offers the finest in all aspects of horse showing, with wonderful amenities for the horse, rider and vendor. The Harris family is so grateful for the opportunity to attend shows here at WEC. The staff is amazing and they are always ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make our setup smooth and uneventful. 041b061a72


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