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Dreams: Part 1

When the brain switches from deep non-REM sleep over to REM sleep, something remarkable happens: the brain erupts with spikes of activity in the MRI scans. Specifically, 4 areas of the brain fire up when dreaming starts during REM sleep: the visuospatial regions, the motor cortex, the hippocampus, and the amygdala. In contrast to all of these areas, one part of the brain does the opposite. The left and right sides of your prefrontal cortex becomes markedly deactivated during REM sleep. This is important because your prefrontal cortex controls logical reasoning. This is, in part, why dreams are often filled with movement, strong emotions, past memories, people, and experiences, yet are utterly irrational.

Dreams: Part 1

The good people at InsideTracker are the sponsors of this week's episode, and they are generously offering a special 31% off any one of their programs if you use the above link during the time window of this particular episode. InsideTracker is a personalized biometric platform that analyzes your blood and your DNA to better understand what's happening inside of you and also offers suggestions regarding things that you can do to better try and adjust some of those numbers, optimize them, and, as a result, optimize you.

I never thought 15mins was so fast! Even the part2, i thought i cant fill the 2mins but i was stopped. I talked fast too maybe because i was nervous.I just wanted to share my experience here as all the comments of experiences had been very helpfull to me. Liz you are a heaven sent! Thank you very much for doing what you are doing. You are helping a lot of people.

Hi Liz,How can I answer this question? Is my answer enough for speaking part 1? ThanksWhat kind of dishes do you cook?I used to cooked chicken dishes, which I find very easy to prepare and is always available in supermarkets aside from that you can do a variety of experiment with the chicken like for example adding pineapple while boiling it with a milk, the combination of its sweetness and creamy flavor will surely remains unforgetable taste.

Dear Liz,I would like to share me answer1. Yes, I am well known as dreamer person.It seems to me I dream every night when I go to sleep.2. I do remember almost all the dreams for a short time and I forgot it. However, there were some espcial dreams that I never forget it.3. Yes, I think that dream is one part of our life. It help to reveal something will coming soon.In my personal experience about dream. I could learn a lot from my dream. There were some dream that did became true and fulfill everything.

ToddYour videos are far and away the best out there. You masterly capture the art and nature of fly fishing. The subjects in the videos also portrayed beautifully. I noticed there is part one of steelhead dreams, is there a part two coming? Keep up the great work!

About two years ago I blogged about an upcoming experimental IO API in the .NET world - at the time provisionally called "Channels"; at the end of May 2018, this finally shipped - under the name System.IO.Pipelines. I am hugely interested in the API, and over the last few weeks I'm been consumed with converting StackExchange.Redis to use "pipelines", as part of our 2.0 library update.

To help put this in concrete terms, after introducing "pipelines" I intend to draw heavily on the StackExchange.Redis conversion - and in particular by discussing which problems it solves for us in each scenario. Spoiler: in virtually all cases, the answer can be summarized as:

All of these can be fine in some cases, and all of these can be terrible in some cases! Sync-context is a well-established mechanism for getting from worker threads back to primary application threads (epecially: the UI thread in desktop applications). However, it isn't necessarily the case that just because we've finished one IO operation, we're ready to jump back to an application thread; and doing so can effectively push a lot of IO code and data processing code onto an application thread - usually the one thing we explicitly want to avoid. Additionally, it can be prone to deadlocks if the application code has used Wait() or .Result on an asynchronous call (which, to be fair, you're not meant to do). The second option (performing the callback "inline" on the thread that triggered it) can be problematic because it can steal a thread that you expected to be doing something else (and can lead to deadlocks as a consequence); and in some extreme cases it can lead to a stack-dive (and eventually a stack-overflow) when two asynchronous methods are essentially functioning as co-routines. The final option (global thread-pool) is immune to the problems of the other two - but can run into severe problems under some load conditions - something again that I'll discuss in a later part in this series.

The Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport (previously Executive Hotel Airport Plaza) has long been the preferred choice for business & leisure travelers requiring full service hotel facilities close to the Vancouver International Airport, offering a choice of 290 rooms, suites and luxury apartments. For extended stays and for families and friends traveling together, check out their luxury furnished 1, 2 and 3-Bedroom Apartments, featuring full kitchens and separate living rooms.

"Receiver is about erotic signals that we send to each other, quite often it's an amazing and a very interesting part of human psychology to me, that on a dance floor or in a bar or in a party, human attraction... the signals we send off to each other, they can be telegraphed explicitly and other times they're things we can pick up subliminally."[3]

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Gain even further returns with this card by stocking your deck with powerful followers that also possess deadly Last Word effects. Since the follower summoned can only attack for one turn before being banished, strategically time your attack on a particularly strong enemy follower to destroy your summoned follower and activate its Last Words. The illusion is temporary, but the impact is real!

A participant might walk through a virtual mall and buy a digital Mickey Mouse costume in the Disney store for his avatar to wear, then pop over to the food court to pick something to eat to be delivered to his physical house via Uber Eats, and then pop into a live Beatles concert in the Spotify Performing Arts Center. He can keep the concert going in his AirPods on Spotify when he wants to go for a run in the physical world, racing against his friends in an AR Peloton-like experience. The whole thing feels seamless - his data and purchases carry across and among physical and digital worlds.

Epic is running the Traffic side of the Tencent playbook - because all of the players are on Fortnite, it can get consumer-friendly deals out of parties -- like IP holders and game console makers -- that others cannot.

In The Metaverse, Matthew Ball says the Metaverse will be an always-on, real-time world in which an unlimited number of people can participate at the same time. It will have a fully functioning economy and span the physical and digital worlds. Data, digital items, content, and intellectual property (\u201CIP\u201D) will work across the Metaverse, and many people and companies will create the content, stores, and experiences that populate it.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney agrees, adding, \u201Cit will be a massively participatory medium of a type that we really haven\u2019t seen yet,\u201D with \u201C a fair economy in which all creators can participate, make money and be rewarded.\u201D


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