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Moved From Apache To Caddy And RSA To EC TLS For WordPress

Perfect guide on how to set this up! I followed it step by step and all works fine!I have created according this manual a jail with this reverse proxy and a jail with nextcloud which works like a charm!I also created a jail with an FAMP (Apache2) stack with WordPress. WordPress works fine if I go from my internal network to the IP address of the jail but do you know what steps to take to have wordpress accessible from my external domain name? How would the vdomains file look like to have it forwarded to the WordPress stack? Do I need to adapt the WordPress stack as well?

Moved from Apache to Caddy and RSA to EC TLS for WordPress

i got this working a while back. I revisited your nextcloud guide, which is updated. I took the new vhost from there, which is only for http now, since https has been moved to the proxy. After that it works great! So great in fact that adding more servers really is very simple! Thank you again. But, of course, there is always a question;Ive done this on a couple of installations now, and I noticed that the favicon for Nextcloud is no longer shown in the browser. Not exactly a huge problem, but I would like it back. Have you seen this before? do you know what to do about it?

jquery-3.3.1.min.js is the biggest file on your page, from the limited amount of JS I saw, it could be easily removed. you could cache the your in a separate js file, this would also prevent uselessly sending your script to browser that won't support/accept it.

I also moved to a static site for my family tree site (using metalsmith) and don't really have images on there at the moment, but will be taking some inspiration from here, muting my colours and adding in some low res black and white imagery while still trying to give it some style. 350c69d7ab


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