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Download Stalker: Clear Sky - Old Story PC Game...

In the game's backstory, after the initial Chernobyl disaster, attempts were made to repopulate the area, primarily with scientists and military personnel. However, in 2006, almost 20 years after the first incident, a mysterious second disaster occurred, killing or mutating most of the inhabitants.[3] S.T.A.L.K.E.R. begins years later, after people have begun coming to the Zone in search of money, valuable artifacts, and scientific information. In keeping with the post-nuclear decay within the Zone, extreme radiation has caused mutations among animals and plants in the area.[4] As a result of the second disaster, the Zone is also littered with dangerous small areas of altered physics, known as anomalies. Explorers and scavengers operating within the Zone, known as Stalkers, possess an anomaly detector, which emits warning beeps of a varying frequency depending on their proximity to an anomaly.

Download Stalker: Clear Sky - Old Story PC Game...

Metro Exodus is set to release later in 2018. It is an epic, story-driven FPS set in a post apocalyptic Russia after nuclear war has devastated the Earth. Explore the vast wilderness in this non-linear shooter. 041b061a72


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