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Yoga Child's Pose

About Me

Nourishing Self

I’m Lori, a yoga & MBSR teacher. My journey sprouted from a desire to feel healthyin body mind and heart. Meditation was not a piece of cake for me, yet the patience and possibility I have learned to trust through yoga has helped. I look forward to digging into what might be useful to you & sharing some tools I've gathered too. We explore options for different mindfulness practices and talk about them as a group with trust and confidentiality. I think it's handy to have a buffet of formal and informal meditations to try. Every day is different, regular practice is beneficial to daily life, no matter how busy you are. 


I've gathered many certifications over the years, my focus is in mindfulness based stress reduction, trauma informed yoga & meditation, yoga therapeutics, and yoga for healthy aging. I am honored to have learned from impactful teachers in the Bay Area and beyond. I am grateful to the students and survivors who have taught me just as much as the teachers. I believe in the practices I share here.

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